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2015.11.28 URBAN ORCHARD   -115.jpg

bar pop is recruiting


bar pop is recruiting

APPLY BY MONDAY 20th of november!

Our monster summer is upon us and we are seeking the BEST OF THE BEST to join us here at Bar Pop!

We are running more Festivals than ever this year so if you want to work at: 
- Ice Cream Factory
- Falls Festival
- Laneway Festival
- Perth Festival
- Plus more

We pride ourselves on having the highest level of customer service and accept nothing less than an exceptional experience for all of our customers. There are several roles to be filled for the entire season which commences the beginning of December through till the end of March. 

If you believe you have what it takes to be part of the Bar Pop Team then please apply!

- Ticketing/Front Gate Manager – Entire Season.  This role will understand the ticketing system used for Bar Pop events, be the point of call for all ticket purchases, enquiries, exchanges, refunds.  In consultation with Bar Pop Management field all ticketing requirements for the entire season. Experience with Ticketbooth, OzTix, Eftpos is essential.

- Stock and Purchasing Manager – Manage and order stock for multiple venues. This will include managing transfers, checking invoices for pricing, controlling stock levels and maintaining the Bar Pop warehouse during our peak season.

- Bar Managers – Bar Pop will have a group of gun Bar Managers who will take on greater responsibility for their dedicated bar throughout the season.  They will have the ability to manage, encourage and drive performance from the staff in their bar to deliver exceptional service, whilst communicating with the Cash & Venue Manager for overall performance.

- Bar Staff – Bar Pop will have a range events throughout the Summer, each staff member needs to have the ability to work in pressure situations and maintain an exceptional level of service. We will also be seeking competent function staff members who will assist the Corporate Hospitality Manager to service the Corporate & VIP Functions.

- Set Up & Stock Crew – Stock turnover will be a crucial part of delivering successful events.  We need those who can lift and move stock/things around.  Join a fun crew for setup, moving stock, pack down and expect to get physical.

- Volunteer Roles - Volunteer to assist in various roles in exchange for complimentary tickets to shows and special perks.  We will teach you everything you need to know and this a great opportunity to get experience in the event industry.

- Consistent availability -  For the majority of Friday, Saturday & Sunday evenings, including New Years Eve & New Years Day throughout December.. 
- Will deliver a high level of customer service and can work in pressure situations.
- Hard working, professional, shows initiative & trustworthy.  
- Product knowledge & willingness to learn.

If you are successful and fit the criteria YOU CAN EXPECT:
- To be part of a professional & hard working team of legends who pride themselves on experience and presentation.
- An exciting, constantly changing workplace that is bringing Perth a summer of exceptional events.
- A Management Team who will not accept anything short of professional staff.  

Please list the previous venues or events you've worked at.
Short and sweet!
Majority of shifts between 5pm & midnight. Staff that are able to work more dates are preferred.